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What are your shipping terms?

  • FOB

This is “free on board” price. The seller will deliver the goods up to its local port. From that point, onward the customer will bear all costs such as marine freight, transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation of goods up to final destination.

  • LDP

This is “landed-duty paid” price. The seller delivers the goods to the customer, bearing all costs & risks involved in bringing the goods to the selected port. From there onward the customer will bear costs related to port clearance, customs, duties, taxes and delivery charges up to final destination.

  • DDP?

This is “delivery-duty paid” price. The seller fulfills their obligation to deliver when the goods have been made. Initial payment made by the customer for the goods will include all payments of delivery. The seller will bear all costs including shipping where goods are made to customer’s destination, all taxes and delivery charges will be paid by the seller and goods will be delivered to up to customers’ door step.


How do you ship? And will my order reach on time?

We will ensure that your order is manufactured and dispatched as agreed. The finished product will be delivered to you via a third party courier service.

Custom StylesGeneralReady Styles

Why would I need additional samples?

We will try to meet your exact garment expectations, on the recommended number of sampling rounds; two virtual rounds and one physical sample round. If you wish to make any additional alterations, we will provide you another virtual or a physical sample at a fee. You may also need marketing or salesman samples based on your campaigns, and may even require size sets to assess your needs.


What are the available logo application methods?

We offer the following logo application methods. Depending on your garment and logo design we will recommend the best option:

    • Heat Seal – This is a logo label that transfers with a heat-activated adhesive, which bonds well to the fabric/liner of the garment.
    • Engraving – will allow your logo to be engraved on a metal base, which can be sewn on to your garment as a trim.
    • Printing – on to your garment using screen printing methods.

Custom Styles

Can I request additional fit alteration rounds?

Yes, you can request for additional fit rounds. Each new round will contain a specific pre-agreed payment for the service provided.

GeneralReady Styles

What is the difference between a Print and an Embellishment?

Prints are a type of embellishment too. Embellishments come in the form of either 2D printed layers (generally referred to as Prints)  on your garments or designs attached or stitched on to the garment ( generally referred to as Embellishments).

Custom StylesGeneralReady Styles

What if I don’t have any product knowledge?

That’s okay! Runway Kit is set up to help both fashion experts and entrepreneurs alike with no fashion background. To someone starting off, we always recommend our Ready Styles option. This gives you an option to quickly start off with minimum knowledge on the technical details.

If you need additional information connect with us and our experts will get in touch with you.


What if I don’t have a logo?

Unfortunately, we do not do logo design, creativity and artwork as creating a new logo from scratch has copyright and legal considerations, which involve branding. We suggest collaborating with a fashion designer or logo development agency on an offline basis as this is not our core expertise.

If you are working with a limited budget, you could also try free online options. However be mindful that these might not cover legal requirements and can be copied by anyone.


Why do I need a logo?

A logo gives you an identity in the market. If you own a label, your logo is one of the key factors that will differentiate you from your competitors. You can upload the artwork of your logo and we can embed it into your style according to your preferences. We will treat your logo and branding with the highest confidentiality.

Packages to suit your brand

Tailored solutions to fit every aspiring entrepreneur, fashion start-up and established business.


Looking to start-up quick or rapidly expand your range? Customize our silhouettes and launch your label.

Starting from:


What You Get

  • Customized physical sample
  • Standard design tech sheet
  • Detailed technical sketch
  • Style base size measurement sheet
  • Manufacturing color card (for swimwear)
  • Freedom to go bulk with any manufacturer
  • Delivery within 5-6 weeks
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Already have a custom design? Share the specs with us and build your sample right here.

Starting from:


What You Get

  • Two virtual sample rounds
  • One fit physical sample
  • Manufacturing color card
  • Customized designer tech-sheet
  • Delivery within 9-10 weeks
Start now

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Ready for bulk? Produce your styles at low MOQ or go for our wholesale clothing manufacturing options.


What You Get

  • Tailored options for the budget and business goals
  • Pre-production sample
  • Low MOQ and wholesale bulk options
  • Delivery within 12-14 weeks
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