Tips & Flips

Will my designs be protected?

Once you hand over all your designs and other product specifications we will abide by the signed NDA, as covered under our Terms of Services. We will treat your designs with utmost confidentiality and ensure they will not be duplicated or shared with any third party. They will be highly secured and protected by the NDA, which promises not to divulge or release information related to your original artwork.

How long does it take to manufacture a sample?

Delivery dates related to each package may vary as follows.



The concept sample will be delivered to you within 2-3 weeks after confirming the order. If the sample is made with a print the above timeline would get extended by another 2 weeks.


Sample Making:

You will receive two virtual rounds and one physical sample round. This will approximately take around 3-4 weeks. If the sample is made with a print the above timeline would get extended by another 2 weeksAny additional virtual/physical sample rounds will take approximately 1.5 weeks to complete.



Lead times may vary according to our capacity and the quantity purchased. Once we have an idea of your order quantity per style, we will notify you of the bulk lead times.

Why is a white/light-colored garment double the cost of a dark-colored garment?

White and light-colored garments usually have two layers of liner to prevent transparency when the garment is wet. Adding an extra layer of liner increases the fabric usage, thereby doubling the cost.

How will MOQ affect my pricing?

The higher the order quantity, the lower the cost of manufacture. This lower cost will lead to a lower FOB. Therefore, it is recommended to select the maximum order quantity in bulk purchases.

What is MOQ?

MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity is the minimum orders per style you have to purchase when making a bulk order. Our MOQ is only 100 pieces per style, and has varying price segments. If you place a higher order quantity, you will receive a higher discount and a lower FOB. MOQ is important as each supplier of fabrics, trims, prints, etc. has their own MOQ.

Why would I need additional samples?

We will try to meet your exact garment expectations, on the recommended number of sampling rounds; two virtual rounds and one physical sample round. If you wish to make any additional alterations, we will provide you another virtual/physical sample at a fee. You may also need marketing/salesman samples based on your campaigns, and may even require size sets to assess your needs.

What kind of fabrics can I select for my swimwear designs?

We offer two types of swimwear fabrics


  • Sustainable Nylon  – 78% Polyamide 22% Elastane
  • Nylon – 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane

for the styles in our Design library. In the Sample making stage, you can allow us to select the best swimwear fabric for your design. If you do not wish to choose from our fabric range, you can let us know your exact need and we will source the fabric for you.

What are the different types of samples, and how would they benefit me?

Depending on the requirement we fabricate samples to help you see and touch your designs

  • Virtual sample: Virtually displayed image of the garment you wish to make. This image includes garment front, back, and side views. Image would be in JPEG format. The purpose of the virtual sample is solely to represent the aesthetic aspect of the selected style.
  • Concept sample: A physical sample used to test the idea or concept and the type of fabric. The Concept Sample may or may not be identical in colors to the design developed using the Toolkit or otherwise. The fabric quality will be the same as that selected on the toolkit and such concept sample will only be provided in the base size of the style.
  • Fit sample: Samples made to understand the fit and aesthetic appearance of the style. The sample is produced using the same fabric quality and colors of your choice however it may not be identical in terms of colors of both the fabric and trims.
  • Size set samples: Similar to Fit Samples here the main focus will be to understand the fit and aesthetic appearance of the style. However here you need to give us details on the base size of your design, where the technical team will create samples covering an agreed size range. Please note that there will be an additional sample cost for each size.
  • PP sample: The pre-production sample. The sample which will produce, for those who wish to proceed with bulk production. The sample will be made with actual fabrics and trims of your choice.
  • Marketing sample/ Salesman sample: the sample that resembles the actual garment you wish to sell to your prospective consumers