Tips & Flips

How do sizes vary based on regions?

Invariably people can be segmented into body-types based on the region they are from. Although it is important to keep in mind, body type can also vary according to lifestyle, inherited genes and many other factors. Therefore, we give general measurements that are closest to the body type of each continent or region. Hence sizes of the garment may vary according to the change of measurements related to each region.

Can you provide an upfront price quote for manufacturing?

For the Design package, we provide an upfront estimated FOB per piece. This is an estimated quote as the actual FOB will vary according to the order quantity.

For the Sample making and Manufacture packages, we will provide the FOBs upon completion of the fit sample.

Where do I begin?

We have brief instructional videos for each of our packages, which will help you select the package that best meets your requirements. From there, just follow the steps! Simple.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may require.

What are our shipping terms?

  • FOB

This is “Free on Board” price. The seller will deliver the goods up to its local port. From that point, onwards the customer will bear all costs such as marine freight, transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation of goods up to the final destination

  • LDP

This is “Landed-Duty Paid” price. The seller delivers the goods to the customer, bearing all costs & risks involved in bringing the goods to the selected port. From there onwards, the customer will bear costs related to port clearance, customs, duties, taxes, and delivery charges up to the final destination.

  • DDP?

This is “Delivery-Duty Paid” price. The seller fulfills their obligation to deliver when the goods have been made. Initial payment made by the customer for the goods will include all payments of delivery. The seller will bear all costs including shipping where goods are made to customer’s destination, all taxes and delivery charges will be paid by the seller and goods will be delivered to up to customers’ doorstep.

How do I measure my garments?

You can use these images as a guide when measuring your garments:




How do you ensure quality assurance?

Our state-of-art manufacturing units have consistently supplied to some of the biggest apparel brands in the world. And we continue to offer all our customers the same high level of quality control and excellence in apparel manufacturing.

How ethical is your sourcing and production?

We understand that we are only as successful as the community we operate in.

Our environmental and social commitments have included radical changes to address climate change and to minimize our business’ eco-footprints. We have pledged to create new habitats 100 times space we currently occupy. We place a greater emphasis on diversity and community.

Our ethical standards across factories ensure that we treat people fairly at all times. This enhances the social value and impact on our communities. Various programs such as Eco-Go Beyond and those that focus on women empowerment further strengthen our relationship with various communities across our factories.

What if I don’t have any product knowledge?

That’s okay! You can contact us anytime to seek guidance from our expert team. Contact Us and we would be happy to answer any queries.

Don’t have a logo?

Our expert designers are able to create a unique logo to suit your target market.

However, we do not get involved in the logo design, creativity and artwork as creating a new logo from scratch has copyright and legal considerations, which involve branding. We suggest collaborating with a fashion designer or logo development agency on an offline basis as this is not our core expertise. Subsequently, we recommend the following three options:

  • No Budget? Feel free to use logo creators found online
  • Limited budget? Reach out to our network of freelance graphic designers
  • Flexible budget & require comprehensive branding? Consult our Digital Marketing team under the Innovation arm, or we would be happy to recommend agencies you can reach out to independently.

Why do I need a logo?

If you own a label, your logo is one of the key factors that will differentiate you from your competitors. You can upload the artwork of your logo and we can embed it into your style according to your preferences. We will treat your logo and branding with the highest confidentiality.