Tips & Flips

What is your color matching estimate?

On par with the best industry standards, we provide an 80% color match to your choice of color (As a standard we follow the Pantone color guide)

What are Pantone color codes?

Pantone is a globally-recognized color standard that is used by design professionals. Each color has a unique numbered code that helps with standardization across fabricators and designers.

How do we assess the exact fit for the fit sample?

We aim to achieve an exact fit in our patterns by sticking to the exact measurements you have provided. In a scenario where measurements are not provided, we will stick to our standard region-based measurements and create patterns in order to achieve the perfect fit.

What do you cover during virtual fittings?

Virtual fittings offer the opportunity to view a clear 3D view of the garment. This image includes front, back, and side views of the product. Virtual sample sessions are introduced solely in order to understand the aesthetic aspects of the garment including its appearance and visually presentable details.

What is a Design tech sheet?

A designer tech sheet is a document that includes a detailed sketch of the garment (front and back view), a measurement sheet, raw material details, embellishment and all-over print details (if any) and logo details.

I have images of what I want to be manufactured. Is that enough?

Yes, but you will need to provide clear images of each design you want to manufacture with us. Your design images/sketches will need to contain clear details and relative measurement points. All images/sketches are required to be uploaded in a JPEG or PDF format.

Can I speed up my order processing and manufacturing lead time?

No, this is not possible. We offer lead times, as we plan our capacity and allocate resources and are already working with existing orders. We will assess the urgency of your request and may suggest a different plan so that we can arrange resources accordingly in order to execute your samples and bulk order on priority. For further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What exactly does the standard design guideline capture?

A standard design guideline is a document we provide with all the information specifically related to the design you have selected. This includes a brief sketch of the garment (front and back view), a relative size guide, raw material details, and embellishment and logo measurements and their placements.

What methods of logo application do you use?

Depending on what suits your design and logo design best, we offer –

Heat Seal – This is a logo label that transfers with a heat-activated adhesive, which bonds well to the fabric/liner of the garment

Engraving – will allow your logo to be engraved on a metal base, which can be sewn on to your garment as a trim

Printing – on to your garment using screen printing methods

What is the difference between a print and an embellishment?

Prints are a type of embellishment too. Embellishments come in the form of either 2D printed layers on your garments or are either attached or stitched to the garment