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What are Runway Kit lead times?

Our standard lead times for each package are as follows:

Ready Styles – 5-6 weeks

This is to send across the customized sample of your Ready Styles design along with the full technical spec.

Custom Styles –  9-10 weeks

The Custom Styles package include two virtual sample rounds before sending across the final physical fit sample of your own design. The lead time mentioned above covers all these outputs.

Manufacture – 12-14 weeks

This is to complete production and deliver your bulk order.

Please bare in mind that to be able to deliver on the said lead times, we need the customer to provide all necessary details for each package at the start. It is also important that all questions that the technical team may have during the process are replied to promptly as well.

Custom StylesGeneralManufacturing

Will my designs be protected?

When you upload your designs and other product  specifications, you are automatically protected by our policies as covered under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We will treat your designs with utmost confidentiality and ensure they will not be duplicated or shared with any third party. They will be highly secured and protected by the NDA, which promises not to divulge or release information related to your original artwork.

Custom StylesGeneralReady Styles

What are the different types of samples, and how would they benefit me?

Depending on the requirement we fabricate samples to help you see and touch your designs.

  • Virtual sample: It’s a digital image of the garment you wish to make to represent its aesthetics. It includes front, back and side views. You will receive a JPEG of the same.
  • Physical sample / Size set / Fit sample: These sample stages will help you understand the fit of the garment. They will be made with available fabrics and trims.
  • PP sample: This is the pre-production sample, provided only to those who wish to proceed with bulk production. The sample will be made with actual fabrics and trims of your choice.
  • Marketing sample / Salesman sample: This is a sample that resembles your actual garment, which you can use to sell to prospective consumers.

Ready Styles

How do sizes vary based on regions?

Invariably people can be segmented into body-types based on the region they are from. Although it is important to keep in mind, body type can also vary according to lifestyle, inherited genes and many other factors. Therefore, we give general measurements that are closest to the body type of each continent or region. Hence sizes of the garment may vary according to the change of measurements related to each region.

Custom StylesGeneralReady Styles

Where do I begin with Runway Kit?

We have brief instructional videos for each of our packages, which will help you select the package that best meets your requirements. From there, just follow the steps! Simple. You can find more information including comprehensive support guides in How it works page.

For anyone starting off without any designs, we always recommend to begin with our Ready Styles package.  Here you can pick from our extensive library and customize the designs. It allows you to go to market fast and test the waters before investing further.

If you still don’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may require.

Custom StylesReady StylesSwimwear

What kind of fabrics can I select for my swimwear designs?

We offer two types of swimwear fabrics, Carvico Vita and Karima, for the styles in our Ready Styles library.  The first is a sustainable fabric whereas the latter is a regular nylon fabric.

In the Custom Styles package, we can recommend you the the best swimwear fabric for your design. If you do not wish to choose from our fabric range, you can let us know your exact need and we will source the fabric for you.

Custom StylesManufacturing

How do I request a size set for a style?

You will need to provide us with the base size of your design. Our technical support team will then create a size set for your style. There will be an additional charge for a pattern of each size.


How closely are you able to match requested colors?

On par with the best industry standards, we provide an 80% color match to your choice of color (according to given Pantone number).


What are Pantone color codes?

Pantone is a globally-recognized color standard that is used by design professionals. Each color has a unique numbered code that helps with standardization across fabricators and designers.

When you request a certain color for your collection, we would recommend you to provide the specific Pantone color code. If you don’t have a Pantone color reference book, you can find them freely available online.

Custom Styles

How do you assess the exact fit for the fit sample?

We aim to achieve an exact fit in our patterns by sticking to the exact measurements you have provided. In a scenario, where measurements are not provided, we will stick to our standard region-based measurements and create patterns in order to achieve the perfect fit.

Packages to suit your brand

Tailored solutions to fit every aspiring entrepreneur, fashion start-up and established business.


Looking to start-up quick or rapidly expand your range? Customize our silhouettes and launch your label.

Starting from:


What You Get

  • Customized physical sample
  • Standard design tech sheet
  • Detailed technical sketch
  • Style base size measurement sheet
  • Manufacturing color card (for swimwear)
  • Freedom to go bulk with any manufacturer
  • Delivery within 5-6 weeks
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Already have a custom design? Share the specs with us and build your sample right here.

Starting from:


What You Get

  • Two virtual sample rounds
  • One fit physical sample
  • Manufacturing color card
  • Customized designer tech-sheet
  • Delivery within 9-10 weeks
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Ready for bulk? Produce your styles at low MOQ or go for our wholesale clothing manufacturing options.


What You Get

  • Tailored options for the budget and business goals
  • Pre-production sample
  • Low MOQ and wholesale bulk options
  • Delivery within 12-14 weeks
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