Tips & Flips

What manufacturing capabilities we offer ?

Fashion swimwear: A swim product that is designed according to novel fashion trends, that caters to fashion followers. This is worn as a fashion outfit to the beach/ pool, rather than for the purpose of swimming.



Core swimwear : a swimwear that is designed for the core purpose of swimming and swim related activities.



Performance swimwear: Swimwear worn for performance-based activities such as competitive swimming which reduces friction and enhances swimmers efficiency during forward motion.



Kids swimwear: Swim products that are specially designed for kid’s swim based activities. These products pay special attention to sun protection and safety.



Plus size swimwear: Products are specially designed for curvy and large size individuals who want to get engaged in swim related activities. Body shaping, controlling and support elements are key in these products.



lifestyle swimwear: Day to day swimwear that would be suitable for the consumer’s lifestyle



Detail capability breakdown 








Custom design package options

We offer following options under Custom Design


Prints :

Composed by repeating a design across the entire surface of a garment.



Logo Design :

For your own private label, a key differentiating factor from your competitor will be your logo. With us; you can create a unique distinct logo to suit your target market. We will provide you with three logo designs in three different colorways for you to choose from


Color Direction :


A range of colors that are specifically selected to complement seasonal fashion trends usually displayed on a trend board



Range plan/ Technical sketches :


Gives an overview of the garment collection that is designed upon your request. Option contains twelve silhouettes with their actual fabric colors and details


Trend boards :


A composition/collage of images, visuals or objects, laid out in order to represent inspiration ideas related to a specific trend



Embellishments :


Decorative elements used on garments to enhance their aesthetic look

Ex: Prints, Sequins, Embroidery, 3D florals




Fabric :


Body fabric or trim fabrics used for garments


Trims : 


Hardware accessories or functional trims on the garment


How can I choose the best “Swimwear” silhouettes for my retailing?

There are many silhouettes in swimwear. Your choice of silhouette should be suitable for your target market needs.  Things to take into consideration:

  • Age group of your client base
  • Lifestyle and personality of your target consumer
  • Income level of your consumer
  • Base size of your consumer according to the region: EX- UK size 12, EU size 38, US size 8, cup size: 34B, 36DD
  • Social background: Conservative or non-conservative
  • Garment coverage preference and body type of your consumer
  • Purpose of the garment: et: Fashion, Pool wear, Beachwear, Active/Athletic

How do you calculate the price quote for the bulk order?

We quote a price by considering our overall manufacturing cost, including raw material cost and labor involved in the manufacturing process, and other necessities.

What are you logo application methods?

Depending on what suits your design and logo design best, we offer –

    • Heat Seal – This is a logo label that transfers with a heat-activated adhesive, which bonds well to the fabric/liner of the garment.
    • Engraving – will allow your logo to be engraved on a metal base, which can be sewn on to your garment as a trim.
    • Printing – on to your garment using screen printing methods.

What are pattern files? Why it is mandatory to upload patterns?

When you go direct to manufacturing, we do not create patterns for your designs since we expect you to have confidence in proceeding with your confirmed styles for bulk manufacturing. You will need to provide the Graded nested patterns of each design so that we can proceed with the manufacturing process. Graded soft patterns of each design should be uploaded in a DXF or MDL format.

What are the basic testing requirements?

All trims and raw materials including fabrics are OEKO-TEX, class two testing standards approved.

(The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used)

OEKO-TEX Tests also cover harmful substances: legally banned and controlled substances, chemicals known to be harmful to the health (but not yet legally controlled), parameters for health protection taken in their entirety, the requirements go far beyond most existing national legislations.

How do I request a size set for a style?

You will need to provide us with the base size of your design. Our technical specialist team will then create a size set for your style.

Can I request additional fit alteration rounds?

Yes, you can request for additional fit rounds. Each further round will contain a specific pre-agreed payment for the service provided.

Why is there a target delivery date for the bulk order? And why it is important for Runway Kit?

We plan our manufacturing and resources allocation months ahead, depending on our customer orders. Therefore, the target delivery date is important for Runway Kit in order to allocate production capacity, accordingly, to meet your requirements.