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Top 10 trends in ‘Swimwear 2018’ you should know - to be prepared for 2019

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In 2018, we’ve got an assortment of swimsuit styles to choose from. From the retro high-waist bikini making its glorious comeback to the cutaway stunner one pieces that have turned any beach into a high fashion runway. Prints, solids, stripes, ruffles, fashion enthusiasts around the world are seeing swimwear designers as a true possibly previously neglected industry.

Similar to most forms of clothing, style and fashion trends, swimwear too has seen an interesting evolution over the ages. In this list we are going to be taking a glimpse into the top 10 trends in swimwear 2018 with a sneak peek of what to expect for 2019.


The itsy bitsy teenie weenie polka dot

This style may seem retro, but polka dots are making a comeback in a big way! Swimwear manufacturers swear by the style and sexiness that polka dots provide a swimsuit. Classy, retro and oh so sexy, this is one trend you cannot go wrong with. Everyone from stunning Rita Ora to Kylie Jenner to swimwear brand owner, Ashley Graham have all been seen sporting this trend through 2018.

Yes, that’s right

polka dot bikini back!

Zara Polka Dot Swimsuit

The beauty of this trend is that it stretches to flatter and fit any body type and adds an interesting detail to swimwear in terms of textile, and not only colour or pattern.


Smocking is an age-old, trusted technique of gathering fabric to help the fabric stretch and mould to one’s body shape. You may have probably seen this pattern on flirty summer dresses, but smocking is back in 2018. The beauty of this trend is that it stretches to flatter and fit any body type and adds an interesting detail to swimwear in terms of textile, and not only colour or pattern.


When you say the word ‘tropic’ the image that it immediately conjures up is of flowers, palm trees, ice cold Pina Coladas and vivid colours. Swimwear designers love this trend and it has been successfully proven that it is here to stay. Who wouldn’t want swimwear that had bold prints, colours and put one in vacay-mode almost instantly. Large prints, bold solid colours, bright ruffles are just the few elements of tropical swimwear that have charmed their way into the fashion world.


“Classy or out-dated?”

The eternal argument over leopard print. Beloved by celebrities, hated by others. Well, it is clear that wherever we stand on the issue, leopard print has never left the pages of fashion, the wardrobes of celebrities and the runway. A big favourite of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, leopard print was one trend you just could not miss this year. As one fashion journalist poignantly stated, “I’ve never slipped into a leopard swimsuit, but all signs point to me trying it out this summer.”


Who can forget the simple, stylish and trendy red high-cut swimsuits from Baywatch?

If you want to channel your inner retro diva, this is a trend you’ve got to try. From high-cut one-pieces to high-cut bikini bottoms, this trend truly took 2018 by storm being sported by A-List models, bloggers and fashionistas across the world. Are you bold enough to try one yet?


Whoever said sporty can’t be sexy?

If the invention of athleisure has taught us anything it’s that comfortable and sexy can definitely go together. Bikini manufacturers have incorporated a sporty edge into various swimwear ranges – from the surfer-girl’s tankini to the much-loved colour blocked two pieces, sporty style is a trend we don’t see ending with 2018.


It’s safe, easy and universally flattering

Experimenting with alternative necklines, double straps, intricate detailing, trims textures, cut-aways and more

Every woman has had a plain ol’, simple black one-piece at some point in her life. It’s safe, easy and universally flattering. However, designers have never viewed all black as “boring or simple”. Experimenting with alternative necklines, double straps, intricate detailing, trims textures, cut-aways and more, it only adds to the oomph and glam factor of your swimsuit.


The seven colours of the rainbow

On the other side of the all-black phenomenon lies the exciting world of colour. Coloured prints, solids, contrasts; the combinations are endless and loved by anyone looking to make a statement. Wear your pride with these modern swim designs that have given the seven colours of the rainbow a whole new meaning.


The delicately woven crochet

Beloved by Heidi Klum, Dua Lipa and more, the delicately woven crochet bikini is a trend popular amongst clothing manufacturers and celebrities alike. A nod and salute to the 1970s, this trend is an ode to the free-spirited feminine beauty of the past interwoven with the strong empowerment of a woman today. Match this with some loose beach curls, a vibrant sarong and you’re beach-ready!


Tanith Willard - Newsletter Editor

There's a range of warm colors that you can wear all year, so think ahead when you buy clothes next season!

If you are the type of person who likes to make a statement with the type of clothes you wear, abstract may be the perfect trend for you. Choose from colour splash prints, geometric designs, interesting swimwear drapery and more to showcase your playful personality. The beauty of this trend is that it lends itself to Boho Chic or Classic Elegance.

Swimwear, much like fashion, cannot afford to stagnate. Swimwear production has got to be fashion forward too and the industry is already thinking ahead for what trends to expect in 2019. Considering 2018 went right from celebrating femininity to giving swimwear that edgy and bold look, we’re excited to see what 2019 will bring!

While an increasing number of designers continue to work towards creating ethically-made clothing, the fabric with which swimwear is made is going to continue using technology to make it lighter, more durable, slimming, and like a second skin to give those clean lines and silhouettes we love.

Nature and its bounty are expected to make a return in a big way along with tributes to the 1980s. The nomadic sophistication with its earthier tones of browns, whites and blues and silhouettes that are comfortable and yet sexy, are also expected to make a comeback. So, gear up for a new year that is chic, breezy and light!

Stay tuned as we bring to you more news on the expected trends for 2019 !!!