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Designed from paradise – A quick round with the co-founder of RUMPUNCH swimwear

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If you were on a beach recently and a certain kind of swimwear made you turn your head for its abundance of color and bold outlook, chances are it is a RUMPUNCH design.

Co-founded in 2015 by Rukshi and Binara Seneviratne, RUMPUNCH is a brand built on bringing together local vibrancy and ethnic Batik – a traditional Sri Lankan apparel craft.

After design school, she worked as a designer with MAS holdings on Victoria’s Secret before launching her own brand. Using this experience she has since been designing swimwear known to be bold, fashion forward and versatile.

So naturally we needed to pick her brains a little, to gain insight into this world of funky swimwear design!


Q: What got you started on this journey of designing swimwear?

Binara and me, absolutely love to hit the beach, and live the island lifestyle full of tropical vibes. That’s why a swimwear brand that captures our ethos of ‘discovering your island spirit’ is something that we are both passionate about.

My Graduate collection which was presented as RUMPUNCH at SLDF 2013’ received rave reviews and was selected to be showcased at the London Graduate Fashion Week 2014. Given the positive feedback and comments received we decided to launch the brand in 2015.


Q: How have your designs evolved over time?

It has evolved a lot since launch, but always maintaining the RUMPUNCH identity by getting the right fit, styling and techniques.


Q: If you could give any advice to a younger you, what would it be?

Dream big, act now and never give up!


Q: What’s the toughest thing about starting a label?

Finding the right business partners and reliable suppliers to do small MOQs.


Q: What’s your approach to design? Both technically and creatively?

Research to see what’s happening in the world of fashion, travel the world and see different cultures. Working at MAS gave me good knowledge about technical side of garments.


Q: Your designs are bright and full of life. What inspired this vibrancy?

Our paradise isle – Sri Lanka.


Q: Who are your favorite designers?

I do not have any favorite designers. Each designer is unique in their own way.


Q: How do you stay relevant?

Travelling, researching, browsing the web and looking out for trends – online and offline.


Q: How important is the role of social media today in starting a brand?

Absolutely important! Social media is everything.


Q: What’s next for you and RUMPUNCH?

Make it a global brand. We are now available in Sri Lanka and Singapore.


RUMPUNCH Resortwear is manufactured at Linea Aqua (MAS Holdings) in Sri Lanka, which is also a Runway Kit manufacturing partner factory.

You can also listen to our Co-founder Kunal Amalean on the Electric Runway podcast episode Start-up and scale-up your fashion label.

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