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MAS Active – Sustainable activewear manufacturing

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We are a global apparel manufacturer with local roots, and we’re keeping it that way – intentionally.


Because our efforts not only bring you the best quality swimwear and activewear, but we do it in a way that sustains the communities we operate in. Our people and land lie at the very heart of Runway Kit and taking care of them is the least we can do.

That is why Runway Kit is proudly partnered with global swimwear and activewear manufacturing giants, MAS Linea Aqua and MAS Active to bring unparalleled quality in production through sustainable practices.


MAS Active factory profile

As a global (and virtual) manufacturer, Runway Kit’s partnership with MAS Active cement the same labor we give to swimwear to the realm of activewear, as well.

MAS Active has positioned itself as a global powerhouse and now boasts a strong workforce all accomplishing one goal: to inspire, innovate, design and respect our planet and give you unparalleled access to activewear manufacturing.

MAS Active came to fruition with the goal of manufacturing revolutionary activewear designed for performance, comfort and agility. The close-to-skin garments from MAS Active are stitched to improve performance on and off the court, track and wherever else you make your playground.

Athletic wear is far from simply functional, it is also high-fashion. In our efforts to elevate the athleisure and athfashion game, MAS Active has revolutionized what sloungewear really means. IoT is becoming a household name and MAS Active’s latest venture is wearable tech.

Ranging from seamless to cut and sew styles, MAS Active champions the activewear line and spearheading the technology sewn into apparel to not only give you more data than ever but improve your performance in every way.


Conscious manufacturing at MAS Active

MAS Active’s success lies beyond world-class athletic wear. It is also baked into its mission for greener manufacturing – not just our clothing, but how we exist as a hub.

That is exactly why we have banned all single-use plastic in 2018. From plastic bags to straws and plastic plates, MAS Active boasts a no-plastic tolerance.

Manufacturing hubs consume incalculable amounts of energy and it is our right as citizens of a greener world to combat pollution-inducing energy production. As such, MAS as a group now generates over 13.7 MW through our installed solar panels across 16 facilities.

Net carbon negative is not just a nice roll off the tongue. MAS Active Asialine achieved a net carbon negative status, meaning it went beyond carbon neutrality in 2018, quantified using IS01064.

MAS Active is also a massive proponent of biodiversity.

With deforestation classified as one of most recurring threats to Sri Lankan habitat, MAS Active has made it a goal to restore the land occupied by its facilities 100 fold by 2025. That’s right – a 100 times.

Our people matter just as much the environment. From encouraging employee solar homes to beach clean-ups by team members and waste bin distribution projects, we want to set the standard for responsible manufacturing and responsible people.

2019 was a golden year for MAS but we don’t stop at gold. Our work to provide a thriving planet is ongoing. We don’t do it for the awards or accolades. We do it so we can hear our children play across the parks, run up the hills and enjoy the serenity and earth’s bounties we enjoyed all the while providing a smart city to live in.

Our manufacturing hubs are certified across the board. From ISO4001 effective environmental management systems certification to OSHAS 18001 health and safety assessments to being water and waste neutral, we’re working every day to reduce our footprint.


Manufacturing with Runway Kit

When you manufacture with us, you’re agreeing to have your activewear manufactured in state of the art facilities that fuel global brands. Industry secrets and manufacturing capabilities shouldn’t be exclusive to those with an open wallet.

We have a responsibility to everyone, not just namesake brands.
Why? Because an open manufacturing process facilitates affordable channels for anyone to have a leveled playing field.

Above all else, we believe in creating transparency in our manufacturing process to allow you the same accessibility as everyone else and our partnerships are a cornerstone to exercise that reality.

Therefore, through Runway Kit we provide start-ups and small to medium brands the accessibility to low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) and sustainable production at MAS Active.

Our MOQ for activewear is 300 pieces per style per color with no minimum restriction on the sizing breakdown.

If you’re keen to know more or want to get your hands in world-class manufacturing, hit us up for coffee. The view is quite nice over here, too.



You can also read about our swimwear manufacturing factory to learn more about MAS Linea Aqua. 

Runway Kit offers fashion designers and entrepreneurs the option to design, sample and manufacture in smaller, flexible quantities – all at start-up friendly, transparent costs.

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