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Linea Aqua – Sustainable swimwear manufacturing

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We are a global apparel manufacturer with local roots, and we’re keeping it that way – intentionally.


Because our efforts not only bring you the best quality swimwear and activewear, but we do it in a way that sustains the communities we operate in. Our people and land lie at the very heart of Runway Kit and taking care of them is the least we can do.

That is why Runway Kit is proudly partnered with global swimwear manufacturing giant, MAS Linea Aqua to bring unparalleled quality through sustainable practices and sweatshop free swimwear production.


MAS Linea Aqua factory profile

Driven to provide best-in-class swimwear solutions, MAS Group joined hands with Speedo International and Brandot International in 2001 to form Linea Aqua – one of the leading sustainable swimwear manufacturers in the world.

The Linea Aqua portfolio of capabilities includes fashion swimwear, core swimwear built for the water, performance swimwear for elite athletes, and kids, lifestyle and plus-size swimwear. In other words, pretty much everything, and then some.

Linea Aqua’s lineup of brands it services have kept the manufacturing giant in the limelight and for good reason. Having manufactured competition swimwear for Speedo for the 2004 Olympics – where Linea Aqua supplied swimsuits for 13 countries – and the Melbourne World Championships in 2006, it’s a pretty stellar track record.

Their global experience situates us at Runway Kit to bring you swimwear with break-through technology and innovation. We want to bring the global experience of Linea Aqua to everyone, from startups to mid and large size swimwear brands looking to scale.

Runway Kit’s partnership with MAS Linea Aqua brings to you low MOQs and sustainable practices accessible to just about everyone with a vision to get into the swimwear market.

So, even if you’re a startup using the spare room of your parent’s house as a warehouse, we are here to offer you the same production capacity and skilled labor poured into global brands.


Conscious manufacturing at Linea Aqua


overhead shot of the inside of linea aqua factory

Sustainability is more than a marketing gig. We take it seriously and that’s one of our motivating reasons to partner with Linea Aqua. 

Our manufacturing hubs have been awarded a plethora of accolades from ISO 14001 certification for effective environmental management system all the way to Fair Trade, water neutral awards and carbon consciousness placing Linea Aqua among the most highly regarded sustainable swimwear manufacturers within the fashion industry. 

At the core of each of our manufacturing facilities, we look at making a net positive impact. That means, we collaborate with private and public sectors across the countries we reside in to reach this goal so that conscious living is not exclusive to our manufacturing hubs but elsewhere, as well.

Climate change is everyone’s responsibility and that includes us, as well. We are conscious of managing our footprint and understand the need to become eco friendly swimwear manufacturers. We may be big in size, but our footprint gets smaller every day and that is the result of collective efforts from every single team member.

That’s why as eco friendly swimwear manufacturers, our efforts span across partnerships with local and regional government sectors to aid in environmental upkeep, conversations and cleanups such as our 2008 to current initiative to clear our invasive flora to maintain vegetation for community livelihoods.

It is also why we are still actively partaking in reforestation projects to combat the impacts of industrialized manufacturing. Furthermore, energy conservation is an important venture for MAS Linea Aqua.

Not only are our factories fitted with LED and energy-conserving technology, but it’s also our responsibility to share the efforts. Our employees are encouraged to source their homes with energy-saving efforts, as well, providing them with access to such measures.

Giving back to our community has always been a cornerstone at Linea Aqua and the coming generation of individuals are more important than ever. We invest in awareness for schools, educational programs and their well being.


Manufacturing with Runway Kit

When you manufacture with us, you’re agreeing to have your swimwear manufactured in state of the art facilities that fuel global brands with sustainable processes and sweatshop free swimwear production practices. Industry secrets and manufacturing capabilities shouldn’t be exclusive to those with an open wallet.

We have a responsibility to everyone, not just namesake brands. Why? Because an open manufacturing process facilitates affordable channels for anyone to have a leveled playing field.

Above all else, we believe in creating transparency in our manufacturing process to allow you the same accessibility as everyone else and our partnerships are a cornerstone to exercise that reality.

Therefore through Runway Kit we provide start-ups and small to medium brands the accessibility to low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) and sustainable production at Linea Aqua.

Our MOQ for swimwear is 100 pieces per style.  Within that you can go as low as 25 pieces per color. There is no minimum restriction on the sizing breakdown.

If you’re keen to know more or want to get your hands in world-class manufacturing, hit us up for coffee. The view is quite nice over here, too.


You can also read about our activewear manufacturing factory to learn more about MAS Active. 

Runway Kit offers fashion designers and entrepreneurs the option to design, sample and manufacture in smaller, flexible quantities – all at start-up friendly, transparent costs.

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