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How to place an order in Manufacturing package

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Of the three packages we offer on Runway Kit, the Manufacturing Package is geared to those who already have custom designs, created a tech pack and are simply looking for a manufacturer.

We’ll take a calculated guess and say you’ve had substantive experience in designing swimwear pieces. Aside from the thick skin you develop in being in such a competitive market, you’ve also built a no-nonsense attitude when looking for a manufacturer who will heed to your requirements.

You aren’t put off by the tech-speak and you thrive in a seamless process because you know exactly how your final product should look like. If that’s you – we have the know-how to simplify the journey for you.


Brief overview

The package offers:

  • Small MOQs with 100pcs/style for swimwear & 300pcs/style for activewear based on your tech pack
  • Highest quality craftsmanship and manufacturing
  • Guidance from experienced in-house technical designer
  • A pre-production sample that represents your bulk order
  • A trim card that contains actual fabric swatches and other significant accessory fabric swatches
  • The option to order physical samples at pre-production and marketing stages
  • Logo development capabilities on garment


Payment terms

At this stage, what you are going to do is provide us information on your project so that our technical experts are able to produce a quotation for you. You can discuss this in detail through our messaging board and come into an agreement.

Thereafter our support team will guide you on the process for payment.


How to access the Manufacturing package


If you’ve decided to go with the Manufacturing package, get everything into gear with our how-to guide.

We are a team of experienced designers, active and swim manufacturers and hard workers so, no matter where you get stuck (be that six feet under clothing samples and style boards), we’re here to help you get everything back on track.

Head over to the contact page and get in touch.


Step 01

Log into and scroll down to the Packages  section. Alternatively, shave off a couple of seconds and click here to get you there.

screenshot entering runway kit url into the browser

Step 02

Scroll down and click on the Manufacture package.


screenshot clicking contact us on manufacturing package in the homepage


Step 03

You will be asked to either log in to a pre-existing account or make a new account if you’re new.

If you don’t have an account on Runway Kit, simply make a new one by signing up either via your email address or simply sign up via your Facebook or Google account.

screenshot on login and register page

Don’t worry, your privacy matters, we don’t share any information. Understand your privacy rights and terms and conditions here.


Step 04

Once you sign up (or login) you will be taken to your personal dashboard where your account sits. This is called the My Account tab. This is also accessible on the top right corner of the website.

screenshot of my account tab in the main menu


Step 05

Access your Manufacturing package from the My Account dashboard by clicking on the “Begin Production’ button. This will take you through an easy to understand navigate form from start to finish.


screenshot of begin production button in manufacturing dashboard



How to place a bulk order from the Manufacturing package

In this section, we’ve got a few screengrabs to walk you through the process in a little more detail. Let’s take a look.


Filling the project information


screenshot of project information section in the bulk manufacturing form

Step 06

Start by entering the style name. Note that if you choose a two-piece style, you will have to input that has two different styles.


Note – For instance, if you want to manufacture a bikini, the top will go as one style and the bottom as another wherein you’ll have to fill the form twice for a bikini set.


Step 07

Choose your preferred shipping method. Common options are by air or sea. If you decide to get it via the waters, note that the shipping times will be longer but less expensive.


Step 08

Choose the country you intend the shipment to be received


Step 09

Fill in the inco terms (international commercial terms). These terms define the location at which the shipment changes ownership/responsibility from manufacturer (seller) to you (the buyer).

In filling this section out, you will have three options – Freight on Board, Delivery Duty Paid & Landed Duty Paid.

Here’s a quick recap of the three to help you decide:


Freight on Board (FOB) – The ownership and costs concerning the shipment become the buyer’s (your) responsibility once it has left the port of the manufacturing country.

If you have a preferred freight forwarder like DHL, the goods will be handled by said organisation. This option is the most common as it expels any additional markups arising from the manufacturer and you, as the buyer, have total control of the shipping invoice.

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) – This option requires the seller (us) to assume all responsibility risk, and costs associated with transporting goods until the buyer (you) receives or transfers them at the destination port.

This option includes delivery to the final warehouse, as well. Again, note that although it may provide you with some modicum of guarantee and assurance, this option allows the manufacturer to cost the entire shipment which will leave the buyer with little control.

Landed Duty Paid (LDP) – refers to the cost born by the buyer including delivery, shipping, insurance, duty and customs clearance.

This isn’t a very popular choice and for obvious reasons, too. #Expensive


Step 10

Add in your target delivery date. Note that this date doesn’t get written in ink until style clarifications are made from both supplier and buyer.

The final date will be confirmed once all information has been gathered by both parties and exchanges have taken place.


Step 11

Include a short description of the style to provide us as much detail as you can.


Adding product and style details


Step 12

This section is exactly what it says on the tin: pick the product you wish to manufacture with us.

screenshot product category selection section in the form

Step 13

Upload all relevant files required. Hover over each file to get a description of the requirement.


screenshot file upload section in the manufacturing form

Step 14

Upload your patterns in the section below. Note that is separate from the other upload requirements above and the upload must be in the format described (DFX or MDL).


screenshot pattern upload section in the manufacturing form


Step 15

Define the colors, sizes and quantity combinations.


screenshot of quantity and colors specification area in the manufacturing form


First column – include all sizes you wish to have your style manufactured in. By default, you have five boxes (five fields of sizes to fill in).

However, you can either increase or decrease the sizing availability to suit your requirements. Do not leave any boxes blank: X them out or the system won’t let you process the form.

Second column – Define the color by inserting the Pantone code. Note that you must have a minimum of 25 pieces per color.

Third column – Size quantities are solely determined by you. If you don’t wish to have any quantities for a certain color and size, insert 0 as leaving it blank will result in a form error. Note that the total count should equal 100 pieces.


Step 16

If you wish to add any additional information, use the available fields to input more details.


screenshot additional info section in the manufacturing form

Step 17

If you decide to proceed with a logo design with us, we’d be happy to accommodate for that. Upload your logo and we’ll get in touch with you on developing and applying it and the costs involved.


screenshot of the logo section in the manufacturing form




Once you’ve filled the form in – you’ve done your part (yay!). A design and manufacturing expert will get in touch with you on proceeding forward.

Have any questions while you wait to hear back? Get in touch with us – we are a lovely bunch of smart people who know garment manufacturing like no other.

Don’t believe us? We don’t like to brag, so check out some of our testimonials



We have also created guides for our Ready Styles and Custom Styles (previously Sample Making) packages as well, to give you step by step instructions on how to place orders.

Runway Kit offers fashion designers and entrepreneurs the option to design, sample and manufacture in smaller, flexible quantities – all at start-up friendly, transparent costs.

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