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How the Custom Styles production process work


As a digital-first activewear manufacturing partner, our ideation- manufacturing-and-go-to-market process is intuitive as it is straightforward.

Once you’ve placed your activewear Custom Styles order ( and more information on all about placing your Custom Styles order here), here’s exactly what you can expect:


Step one: Connecting with a technical  expert

Your order will be processed into the system and a technical expert will be assigned to it. You will immediately receive a notification from our system informing you of this and your assigned expert.


Step two: Information check

So, your technical expert (AKA our gun of a technical expert) will read through all the Custom Styles prerequisites you uploaded into the system to determine the completeness of the order. If your technical expert needs you to gap-fill certain information, they will reach out to you via the messaging board and request any missing information.

Not quite sure how to fill out the information your technical expert is requesting? No dramas. Feel free to ask what they’d recommend that will suit your goals and budget. You can then use that information to fill out all the missing details.

Once your technical expert receives the now completed order, they will assess the feasibility of the style against the material you have requested. This call will be made by evaluating the Tech Pack, Measurements, Trim and Fabrication details you inputted when placing your order.


Step three: The Development Meeting

When your technical expert gives you the green light (happy days!), they will process your order on to the next stage: the Development Meeting stage. This stage is a two-part process:

– The first part of the process is a kick-off meeting with fabric experts on pattern making, material consumption, measurements and industrial engineers (experts who advise sewing specialists), thermal and embellishment teams discussing your order.

These specialists and experts will review every detail of the style to ensure all details have been provided. At this stage, if our experts need more details, your technical expert will get back to you via the messaging board requesting them. It is possible that your technical expert may come back to you with challenges that our manufacturing team anticipate from the details provided – such as practicality and inaccuracies in your tech pack details. If and when these challenges arise, our experts will work with you to overcome them and ensure you are in agreement.

The second part of the process involves your technical expert reviewing your fabrication details around feasibility with the nature of the style. They will put in some R&D and run a few quality assurance tests before we proceed.

Simultaneously, your technical expert will be working with the Sourcing Team to request the swatches. If your technical expert cannot get hold of the exact composition, they will source the closest matching swatch. This swatch will be shared with you within 7 days of placing your order. Once you receive the swatch, you may decide you want to make changes to it – that is absolutely fine and it often takes about 2-3 rounds for swatches to be reviewed and approved.


Step four: Swatch confirmation

Once the swatch has been approved, your technical expert then puts in an order for sample yardage from the fabric supplier – this can take about 5 days from the date of swatch approval.


Step five: Virtual prototype

After receiving the sample yardage, your technical expert sends a sample to the 3D rendering team to develop a virtual prototype of your Custom Style design to confirm the look, feel and aesthetics with you – this takes about one and a half weeks.


Step six: Sorting out other materials

Whilst the 3D rendering team gets on with it, your technical expert will also procure the other materials such as zippers, threads, trims etc. Note: Zippers have a longer lead time than other standard embellishments.

– Note that during this entire process, your technical expert will be updating your Developmental Plan. This document is the single source of the truth and is continually updated by every expert working on your order. It captures all the details as it relates to the tasks and timelines of your order.


Step seven: Mockup tests

Once your technical expert orders all the required materials and embellishments, we proceed to the sample stage, where we work on your R&D sample to assess how the whole style will come together. Making sure everything is good-to-go at this stage is mission-critical and your technical expert will come back to you, if there are any concerns regarding the mockups. This can take about 4-5 days.


Step eight: Sample quality check

Once the mockups have been reviewed and approved, our teams get to designing your sample followed by a quality check. It takes about 6-7 days to produce the first prototype.


Step nine: Delivery

Once the sample is ready, your technical expert will courier it to you. All the tracking details will be shared with you prior to dispatching the sample.

The steps involved in the Custom Styles production process

Moving into the next phase: Once the sample reaches you, you can review it and note down any comments, changes and other feedback you may have. If there are changes to be made, you can play that back to your technical expert and they will arrange the required meetings and calls to materialize your feedback for the bulk.

When you have reviewed the final version of your sample, you may proceed to approve it for bulk manufacturing. If you decide to proceed with bulk manufacturing, your technical expert will arrange a call with all the specialists who enjoined us in this process to ensure it is ready for such production and nail out the final details.

Once every specialist approves that this sample is ready to proceed to bulk manufacturing, your technical expert will let you know and we can commence the process.



The process to develop the sample for your order may seem tedious – that’s because it is. Your sample will be the point of truth at every stage in the bulk manufacturing process.

Getting every minute detail right during the sampling process is what allows for a highly successful bulk manufacturing process, meeting deadlines, budgets and stopping you from pulling out your hair in frustration.

During this entire process, your assigned technical expert will be there taking each and every step with you to clarify and simplify this seemingly daunting process. TLDR: you’re a gem (we suspected that anyway) and your technical expert is a legend, who will take care of everything.

All up, from start to finish the sampling process takes about 9-10 weeks.

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