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Comfortable and reusable face masks with antimicrobial filtration

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With Runway Kit, now you can produce your own range of customized and branded face masks. Choose from a catalog of fashionable molded and cloth face masks that comes with antimicrobial filtration. Our breathable face masks also has superior comfortable fit.

You can also customize colors and add your own branding with a logo. Follow our simple Ready Styles process to place your orders.

You can now explore our full Face Masks Catalog here.

To place orders and understand how our process work, continue reading below:

  1. The basics
  2. How to order samples of face masks
  3. How to place face mask bulk orders
  4. How to customize your face masks
  5. Explore the full collection


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“Pick from a selection of 10 face masks in 3 ranges to customize and create your collection.”

Currently we offer you 3 different breathable face mask ranges from our Ready Styles. Each collection includes a set of masks you can choose from. All masks are produced under extremely hygienic conditions with state of the art technology.

  • You can select from 3 different face mask collections.
  • Depending on the range you select, we will ship 1 sample each from every mask in that range.
  • A sample set is priced at $10.
  • Samples will be provided in colors available in stock.
  • During the bulk stage, depending on availability, you will have a greater color selection to choose from.
  • The logo will be added in the bulk stage.
  • The color pick and the logo need to be shared in the messaging board after placing the sample order.
  • The MOQ varies depending on the mask type. See full details here.


Runway Kit Ready Styles face masks sample ordering process title banner


“For just $10 receive a sample set of an entire range with worldwide doorstep delivery within 5 days.”

To order samples you need to follow our usual Ready Styles process.

Step 1: Click on Start Now in our Ready Styles package.

Step 2: Select the category as Face Masks.

Step 3: Browse the collections and masks. When you click on a face mask you will see additional information on each mask.

Step 4: Once you determine the collection or a particular face mask you like, select that and click on Next till you proceed to the final step.

Step 5: Finally place the order. For $10 you will receive one mask of each type in the entire range. You can make the payment using the credit card through PayPal.

Note: The ‘Starting from’ pricing shown in Packages is applicable for swimwear and activewear and does not include Face Masks. The pricing for face masks is provided here.


Runway Kit Ready Styles face masks bulk ordering process title banner


“Depending on the mask you pick, the MOQ varies. Explore our catalog for the full details.”

You can place bulk orders for any mask in our collections. Depending on the type of mask you pick, the MOQ can vary. Please see full details in our catalog.

  • When you place a sample order, you will get automatic access to our Messaging Board with dedicated technical support.
  • In the Messaging Board, inform your dedicated technical expert, which mask type you need and the quantities you require.
  • If you would like to add your logo, share the artwork file of the logo in the messaging board. Our technical expert will guide you through the available logo application methods to help you choose a preferred option.
  • Logos can only be applied to specific areas in a face mask. You will be given the possible options to select from.
  • Once you confirm your order, the manufacturing team will raise a quotation and guide you through the payment process.

Note: To place a bulk order, first you need to place an order for samples. If you would like to forgo this process and directly move into bulk production, please write to us first at


Runway Kit Ready Styles face masks customization ordering process title banner


“During the bulk stage, you can add your own logo. You will also have a greater selection of colors.”

Runway Kit Ready Styles give you the option of selecting a preferred color from a selection of available fabric colors. We also give you the option of branding the masks by adding your own logo.

Our logo application methods include heat transfer, screen print and pad plate transfer.

Depending on the type of mask, the most suitable method will be recommended by our technical experts. Your logo and other finer details can be discussed through our Messaging Board, once the sample orders are placed.


Runway Kit Ready Styles face masks catalog details title banner


“Find full details on pricing, MOQ, fabrication and more in our Face Masks Catalog.”

Currently we offer 3 collections for Face Masks in Runway Kit.

All face masks are assembled using hygienic state of the art technology and offer the following features:

  • Antimicrobial filtration
  • Contoured and extremely comfortable fit with ear support
  • Ability to wash and reuse
  • Ability to customize colors and add your own logo

See our full catalog of  breathable and reusable face masks.

If you have all the information and is ready to begin, start here.

If you have more questions visit our FAQ page or write to us here. We will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours.

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