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How the Bulk production process work

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When you place your order for bulk manufacturing at Runway Kit, a lot of moving parts kick start. It is the longest process in Runway Kit, as it involves numerous tasks such as sourcing raw materials and finalizing samples prior to the actual production of the bulk etc.

This is a breakdown on what happens after your bulk order request gets submitted:


Step One: Connecting with a technical  expert

Once you submit the order request form, a technical expert from our team is assigned to your order. This person will work with you through the whole process.

When your order is first received, your technical expert will cross check all the details you have provided including tech packs, measurement sheets and patterns. If any are missing, you will be asked to provide additional details. If you are unsure how to fill in any of these details, the gaps will be filled on your behalf with prior approval from you.

Note: They will also check if you’ve previously done any samples with us, for the style in question. This is important because, even when you are moving into bulk directly, our teams need to first work on a sample with you. This is to avoid any breakdowns in quality, identify necessary compromises and ensure expectations are met in the bulk order.


Step Two: The Development Meeting

Next, your technical expert will arrange the Development Meeting, briefing all relevant experts regarding your order. The meeting is attended by various other technical experts (on pattern making, material consumption, measurements etc.), industrial engineers, and thermal and embellishment experts. These experts will flesh out all the construction details and sample development information.

If you haven’t done a sample with us before, our immediate next step would be to work on a sample with you by utilizing available stocks. At the same time, there can be instances, where you’ve done a sample with us before but certain changes, we’ve kept to work on during the bulk stage. All these things will be looked at in Step 3.

Note: At this stage, even if a sample has not been done before with our team – we are able to give you a cost estimation. However this won’ t be the most accurate. Therefore, as a practice, we try to avoid it. When a sample is done and we’ve identified all the intricacies of your style, our technical teams are in a much better position to give an accurate cost estimate for the bulk.


Step Three: Finalizing Material

Post the Development Meeting, your technical expert will send through fabric swatches to confirm the material and style. Once the order has been placed for the bulk, we will do another sample (different from the first sample, let’s call this the Pre-production Sample) using the finalized fabrics and material. This will be used as the reference from there onwards.


Step Four: Booking Factory Capacity and Sourcing

Once all the details have been confirmed, we will check with the Manufacturing Plants regarding capacity availability. We set a date that is agreed on by all parties (you, Runway Kit and our factories).

Note: If our factories are at capacity, we will book the next available date to accommodate the manufacturing. If we have to schedule a date into the future, we will ask you to make the Purchase Order (PO) payment, 3 months ahead of the date of manufacturing – this will be 80% of the full payment. The first payment will go towards sourcing the required raw materials. The remaining 20% will be invoiced when the goods have been dispatched from our factory.

All up, for the bulk fabric to arrive at our Manufacturing Plants, it takes about 60 days. This time respects requirements for fabric suppliers to produce the lab dips, fabric and shipping times. However, sample yardages for the Pre-production Sample are air couriered and arrive faster than bulk fabric.

While the fabric is shipped to us, your technical expert will also source trims and branded embellishments such as labels, poly bags, tags, etc. We will finalize and approve these items with you before we request them in bulk from our suppliers.


Step Five: Building Pre-production Sample & Copies

While our teams wait for the bulk fabric to arrive, we will finalize the construction of the Pre-production Sample and confirm it with you. Once the Pre-production Sample is approved, we create copies of it for you, for the team at Runway Kit and the Manufacturing Plant. It is the Manufacturing Plant that will be working on the bulk order. This way, each stakeholder has a copy of the approved sample.

Note: To clear things up further – The initial samples including the Pre-production Sample are first worked on by the technical team. They are the experts in establishing the final construction/blueprint of a style. Once the details are cleared up and the samples approved, they pass this knowledge to the Manufacturing Plant, where the bulk order is produced based on the blueprint.


Step Six: The Planning Meeting

To ensure that the Manufacturing Plant is clear on every minute detail discussed in the Development Meeting, your technical expert and the other engineers, who enjoined us in this process will have a Planning Meeting with the experts at the Manufacturing Plant. In this meeting, the relevant technical documents are handed over and responsibilities and timelines are finalized.


Step Seven: The Doability Package

With the transfer of all these details, the Manufacturing Plant puts together a ‘Doability’ Package’ – the first attempt at making the garment. The Doability Package is cross checked with the confirmed Pre-production Sample to approve the quality and construction standards .If the Doability Package is not up to standard, the Manufacturing Plant will redo another until it is approved by your technical expert. This process is fast, and is typically confirmed within days.


Step Eight: Creating Size Sets

Once the bulk fabric arrives at the Manufacturing Plant, the manufacturers create your size sets. A sample of each size in the range will be designed as this sample will be the exact replica of the final bulk. At this stage, if there are any last minute changes you wish to make, your technical expert will note them down and play it back to the team at the Manufacturing Plant. It’s imperative that the samples go through a fit check. If you do not have access to fit models, we will do it on your behalf.


Step Nine: Bulk Production

Next, we commence the bulk production of your garment. At this stage, we welcome any requests to send additional samples for marketing purposes such as photoshoots. However, please note, if you request additional samples for any reason, they will be deducted from the total bulk quantity.


Step Ten: Shipping

Once all items have been manufactured and are ready to be shipped, we require you to arrange a freight forwarder. Once you supply us with that information, we transfer the goods to the relevant warehouse after a final QA check. From there, delivering the garments to you is the responsibility of the shipping company you have engaged.


Throughout this journey, we will engage you to approve samples and enjoin you in the process so that you have absolute transparency. If you have any questions about your bulk request order, get in touch via:



If you would like to know more details about how you can place sample and bulk orders, refer to the links below:

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